Our Philosophy

Great creativity and quality garments are of the utmost importance in the imprinted sportswear business but even more important is speedy production and delivery.

Yesterdays has built its reputation by shipping orders and reorders quickly and staying ahead of the curve on market trends.

They stock tons of blank garments and stand poised to turn reorders within days of receipt.
This quick shipping enables our loyal customers to get many reorder turns per season which leads to greater profits for us all.

Trade Show

We sell in resort boutiques as well as surf shops and other retail stores.
We sell in New England, California, Long Island,
The Outer Banks, Florida and the Caribbean.
My brother Bruce sells in Hawaii.

It was the love of hang gliding and skiing that first got us interested in t-shirts as a business.
I've been selling T-shirts since 1980 when I joined Seedwings hang glider company and created hang gliding t-shirts for our competitions.
Everyone wanted to show that they flew the best gliders in the world.
I soon learned that the t-shirt market was much bigger than the hang gliding market.

I've been a sales rep for Yesterdays since 1991. My brother Bruce has been selling since 1993.
We still sell to a number of hang gliding accounts. I sell to many ski industry accounts but the bulk of the sales
are in tourist destinations, summer resorts and islands.

Contact McKellar Sales:
Bill McKellar
1323 Ames Hill Rd.
Brattleboro, VT 05301 USA
Phone & Fax: (802) 251-0079
Cell: (603) 801-0797

Bruce McKellar
21 Skytop Dr.
Newbury, New Hampshire 03255 USA
Phone & Fax: (603) 938-2087
Cell: (808) 280-1659